There is one essential fashion trend for Autumn: Grunge style, displayed on catwalks by Ives Saint Laurent inspired by groups of the 90’s such as Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam y Guns N’ Roses among others.

The popular French designer surprised the audience with a fashion collection far from his usual style, a collection full of dark ties, checked shirts, babydoll dresses, black leather and military boots in very informal looks in teenage models

Ives Saint Laurent suggests a few musts to get grunge style

Checked prints, mainly in shirts


camisas cuadros


Dark fishnet tights


medias ives


Babydoll dress with small bows


baby doll vestido


Black leather in total black looks, 90’s moto jackets, mini skirts and dresses
cuero vestidos


Black leather boots with buckles in military style


botas militares


Amazing Leather coats and trench coat

abrigos ives


An autumn that looks like a 90’s teenager’s bedroom with Nirvana posters, ripped clothes, broken boots and guitars.